NHI Co., Ltd. Toyama Japan.

NHI is a supplier of various types of environmental and industrial machinery, steel structures, bridges, rotary kilns and performing premium maintenance of products.

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A Message from our President

NHI continues to excel and contribute towards various fields of Japanese industry.
Our prominent products are plant operations, industrial machinery & equipment, marine structures, bridges and environmental business solutions.

Nipponkai Heavy Industries Company LTD withdrew from shipbuilding business in 1987.
NHI (Shin-Nipponkai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.) has excelled in craftsmanship "MONODUKURI" meaning through procedures consistent with proposal, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

We endeavor to build our client's products by one-on-one consultations to achieve solutions to difficult issues such as delivery, quality and costs.
A flexible system of maintenance, renewal and a new line of products will help insure continued expansion in these harsh economic environments surrounding Japanese industries.
The company is steadily gaining trust, growth and producing superb quality products, thus becoming an attractive enterprise for shareholders, employees, society and most importantly, our cherished customers.

Kunio Tsuriya

Kunio Tsuriya President

Corporate Philosophy

Our Corporate Mission;

  • 1 Supply products friendly to the environment in these changing times.
  • 2 Creativity brings long lasting and valued quality to society.
  • 3 Our motto maintains 6S (5S + Safety)
  • 4 Craftsmanship becomes a "MONODUKURI" enterprise of quality products.
  • 5 Clarity separates us from our competitors.

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